Icelandair Group is a part of the Icelandic society. Every day we contribute to our society by creating value. Every day we strive to meet the needs of our customers. Icelandair Group is proud of its role in the Icelandic community and continues to seek new opportunities to expand its ties to society at large.

Icelandair Group and it’s subsidiaries support a wide variety of community activities all year round. The main focus is on support for Icelandic sports, Icelandic music, the Icelandic tourist industry and the Special Children Foundation.

Special Children Travel Fund

The main objective of the Special Children Travel Fund (Vildarbörn) is to help children suffering from long-term illness or other difficult circumstances to see something of the world. The fund is supported both directly by Icelandair and through the generous donations of our customers. In 2015 48 children and their families, around 240 people in all, received travel grants from the fund to go on their “dream journey”. Since the fund was established thirteen years ago, 529 families have been supported in this way. Vigdis Finnbogadottir, former President of Iceland, is the protector of the fund. For more details see

Co-operation with Reykjavik University

RU is Iceland´s largest private university, a dynamic international university with over 3,000 students. We support and work alongside students and teachers at Reykjavik University on a wide range of annual projects. Knowledge sharing is key and each year we strive to engage new talent to work on various projects within our Company.

The Icelandic Tourism Fund

Icelandair Group is a leading shareholder in the Icelandic Tourism Fund, an investment fund focused on new projects that increase the diversity of Icelandic tourism and strengthen its infrastructure. The fund’s main focus is on experience-based investments and on supporting the development of year round attractions for tourists and Icelanders alike. ITF is the leading investor in Fákasel, the Icelandic Horse Park, in Whales of Iceland, the largest whale exhibition in Europe and in Into the Glacier, the largest man-made icecave in Europe, situated in the Langjökull glacier.

The National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland

The National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland (ISI) is the umbrella organisation of the entire sports movement in Iceland and the supreme authority in all amateur sports activities and associated volunteer work in Iceland under the Sports Act. ISI organises and oversees Iceland’s participation in the Olympic Games, Games of the Small States of Europe and other sports events held under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Icelandair has been a long-time supporter of ISI and is one of the four companies forming the ISI Olympic Family.

Icelandic Handball Federation

The Icelandic Handball Federation has sent its athletes across the world in team colours that prominently feature the Icelandic flag and the Icelandair Logo. Team handball is an extremely popular sport in Iceland, and Icelandic players and coaches have achieved outstanding results, both in Iceland and abroad. The Icelandic men’s team took the silver at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and the bronze at the European Championship in Austria in 2010.

Iceland Football Association

The Iceland Football Association (KSI) was founded in 1947, and Icelandair has been a long-time faithful sponsor. The Icelandic national teams, the men’s and women’s A-teams and the U21, U19 and U17 teams, fly with Icelandair with the Company’s logo on their travel attire. In 2015 the men‘s A-team qualified for the first time for participation in Euro 2016 in France, making Iceland the smallest nation ever to qualify for a major football tournament and the first to do so with a population under one million.

Iceland Basketball Association

The Iceland Basketball Association is responsible for all basketball activities in Iceland, and Icelandair sponsors the Association and its affiliated basketball teams in competitions in Iceland and abroad. Basketball is one of the world’s most popular sports; it is also popular in Iceland and the national team has been competing with growing success, making its first appearance at a major tournament, the EuroBasket tournament, in Berlin 2015.

Icelandic Golf Association

Golf is an extremely popular sport in Iceland, and the Icelandic Golf Association is one of the largest sports associations in Iceland. Icelandair has actively supported the work of the Association in recent years, and Icelandic elite golfers have flown with Icelandair and borne the company’s logo on their competition attire. Icelandair has for a long time focused on providing traveling leisure golfers with the services that they need, and the successful co-operation with the Icelandic Golf Association is an extension of those services.

World Chamipionship of the Icelandic Horse

Icelandair Cargo is the principal sponsor of the World Championship of the Icelandic Horse, which is held annually at various locations in Europe.

Iceland Sports Association for the Disabled

The Iceland Sports Association for the Disabled (IF) is the supreme authority in sports for the disabled under the auspices of the National and Olympic Sports Association of Iceland. IF organises and oversees Iceland’s participation in the Paralympics, the Special Olympics and other major sports events for disabled athletes. Icelandair has supported IF for 25 years and is one of the association’s five largest sponsors and partners.

Iceland Airwaves

Icelandair is the founder and main sponsor of Iceland Airwaves (or “Icelandair waves” as some of us like to spell it), a music festival held in October each year in Reykjavik. Iceland Airwaves is an annual music event that started in 1999 as a talent show for the benefit of foreign record company executives; since then Airwaves has grown and blossomed and is now an integral part of the cultural life of Reykjavík. The fruits of the festival’s labour have been ripening, and today many Icelandic artists, such as Quarashi, Sigur Ros, Apparat Organ Quartet, Trabant, Of Monsters and Men and others, have made their way to the international music scene. For more details see the festival website www.

Iceland Music Experiments

Icelandair is proud to offer young and talented musicians an opportunity to shine through Iceland Music Experiments (IME). IME is a musical event where young people make their musical début and get their first chance to step into the limelight and play their music. Icelandair rewards IME victors by offering them the opportunity to perform at the annual Iceland Airwaves festival.

Reykjavik Airbridge

Icelandair supports Icelandic musical talent beyond Iceland Airwaves. Through co-operation with the city of Reykjavik, and musicians’ organisations, Icelandair has set up a fund that helps Icelandic musicians to market themselves abroad. This allows them to tour and/or engage in other marketing activities outside Iceland.

Food and Fun

Food and Fun is an event which combines outstanding culinary skills, fresh natural ingredients, Icelandic outdoor adventure and the world-famous Reykjavik nightlife to create the ultimate recipe for fun. The core element of the festival involves world-acclaimed chefs who collaborate with Reykjavik’s best restaurants. Each chef is assigned to one of the participating restaurants, where they prepare a special menu, made exclusively with Icelandic ingredients. The menu is featured at all the restaurants for an entire week. In addition, the chefs themselves are on site for three nights during the festival week. Icelandair is the founder and owner of the Food and Fun event. More details online at www.


Air Iceland is the principal sponsor of Eyrarrós – a prize awarded annually to enterprises or persons who have made outstanding contributions to cultural activities in rural Iceland.


Slysavarnarfélagið Landsbjörg Icelandair Group has since December 2014 been one of the main sponsors of ICE-SAR, the Icelandic Search and Rescue operation. The Company’s objective is to provide support to enable the organisation to engage in efficient accident prevention and rescue efforts and to enhance the safety of tourists traveling in Iceland. The aim of the organisation is to minimise the frequency of travel accidents and reinforce the image of Iceland as a safe tourist destination by providing useful travel information and maintaining an effective safety net. The partnership will reinforce the already good work of ICE-SAR still further and will be an important factor in promoting safer tourism by various means, including the sponsorship and marketing of the website to tourists through Icelandair Group’s distribution channels. The sponsorship agreement also provides for additional support to ICE-SAR, an efficient all-volunteer organisation, in its core field of search and rescue.