Q1 Results Investor presentation, April 30th 2021

Icelandair Group Share Offering

Icelandair Group‘s share offering that ended September 17 proved very successful. The offering was oversubscribed with a total of over nine thousand subscriptions amounting to ISK 37.3 billion. The Board of Directors accepted subscriptions for 30.3 billion and increased the offering size to a total of ISK 23 billion shares.

The support that investors and the Icelandic public have demonstrated by their strong participation in the share offering marks the final step in the financial restructuring of Icelandair Group. With a broader investor base, strong balance sheet and by using the flexibility of our route network, we will be in a good position to scale up quickly as soon as markets open again. We are committed to ensuring continued efficient air services to and from Iceland as well as offering attractive options across the Atlantic, benefiting the Icelandic economy and society.

Icelandair Group is proud of the company‘s 80-year history and wants to welcome over seven thousand new shareholders to the Company.

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