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About Icelandair Group

Icelandair Group‘s business concept is built on Icelandair‘s Route Network which connects Europe and North America through Iceland.

In 2019 the Group employed an average of 4,715 full-time employees, generated total revenues in excess of USD 1.5 billion and carried 4.7 million passengers on its international and regional flights.


Strategy and Structure

Icelandair Group has operated in the international airline and tourism sectors for decades. The Company, however, has been in the process since 2018 of shifting towards a sheer focus on aviation. Its core business is built around Icelandair’s route network and the unique geographical location of Iceland which serves as a connecting hub between Europe and North America. Sustainable value creation for the Company's shareholders and other stakeholders lies at the heart of Icelandair Group's business model. Five strategic initiatives support the Company's vision of “Bringing the spirit of Iceland to the world” and its mission of “Delivering smooth and enjoyable travel experiences”. These are: To ensure a culture of passion and performance, becoming the most customer-focused airline in the Company's markets, achieving excellence in all operations, driving sustainable and profitable growth, and to become an industry leader in responsibility.

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