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Icelandair Group is a part of the Icelandic society. Every day we contribute to our society by creating value. Every day we strive to meet the needs of our customers. Icelandair Group is proud of its role in the Icelandic community and continues to seek new opportunities to expand its ties to society at large. That is how Icelandair Group energises the power of the Icelandic tourism industry for the benefit of Iceland as a nation.


Icelandair Group’s employees have played a major part in the Company’s growth in recent years, with their broad range of skills and knowledge, as required by the diverse nature of the operations.

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We are dedicated to minimising the environmental impact of our operations, both globally and locally, by reducing emissions, conserving natural resources and optimising the use of sustainable energy and materials.

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Icelandair Group and it’s subsidiaries support a wide variety of community activities all year round. The main focus is on support for Icelandic sports, Icelandic music, the Icelandic tourist industry and the Special Children Foundation.

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Focus elements of our stakeholder model

We focus on creating sustainable value for our stakeholders by integrating into our business model a wide range of efforts to ensure our social responsibility.

  • Employees and Governance: Exemplary corporate governance and commitment to our employees with extensive programmes for human resource development.
  • Environment: Minimize our impact on the environment by setting measurable targets, raising awareness and benchmarking our performance to do better than before.
  • Society: Co-operate with society and ensure that the impact of our operations is beneficial through direct contributions and positive engagement with society at large.

We believe in stakeholder engagement. We believe in matching ourselves against other international airlines and tourism companies, identifying where the Group stands in comparison with its competitors and finding where improvements can be made. Finally, we believe in regularly reviewing our sustainability initiatives and maintaining an open dialogue with our employees.

It is our firm belief that a clear and concise social responsibility strategy, when successfully implemented, will add value and have relevance for economic, environmental and social factors, for both Icelandair Group and for our key stakeholders.

Developing our sustainability strategy

It is important to bear in mind that our adherence to a sustainability strategy does not simply mean tweaking current initiatives that are already being successfully implemented; it means putting all our current activities and various initiatives into a coherent and comprehensive context that can be easily communicated and understood by stakeholders, and it means adding new priorities and setting new measurable targets. It means educating our employees, engaging them and empowering them to develop new initiatives.

We are committed to continuous improvements. We see a coherent and well-implemented sustainability strategy for Icelandair Group as a means of deepening our understanding of the Company and the environment in which we operate, through:

  • A clearer view of the Company’s risks and opportunities when it comes to environmental and social factors.
  • Clearer communication with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Better coordination among the different subsidiaries of Icelandair Group when it comes to environmental and social risk.

At Icelandair Group, we believe that the implementation of a sustainability policy is most likely to be successful if the policy is directly linked to the Company’s business strategy. That is how we contribute best to our society.