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Icelandair Group is a part of the Icelandic society. Every day we contribute to our society by creating value. Every day we strive to meet the needs of our customers. Icelandair Group is proud of its role in the Icelandic community and continues to seek new opportunities to expand its ties to society at large. That is how Icelandair Group energises the power of the Icelandic tourism industry for the benefit of Iceland as a nation.


Icelandair Group’s employees have played a major part in the Company’s growth in recent years, with their broad range of skills and knowledge, as required by the diverse nature of the operations.

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We are dedicated to minimising the environmental impact of our operations, both globally and locally, by reducing emissions, conserving natural resources and optimising the use of sustainable energy and materials.

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Icelandair Group and it’s subsidiaries support a wide variety of community activities all year round. The main focus is on support for Icelandic sports, Icelandic music, the Icelandic tourist industry and the Special Children Foundation.

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Our approach to sustainability

Icelandair launched its new company strategy in 2019. Becoming a leader in responsibility by 2025 is one of five strategic initiatives in the new strategy, and hence, responsibility is an integral part of the strategy that is currently being implemented. The strategy has an overall focus on profitability, sustainable growth and responsibility.

On this background, Icelandair developed a new sustainability strategy in 2019 taking a starting point in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGS have become a universal language of governments, civil society and businesses to work towards a more sustainable future. As part of the process to define our strategic focus areas, we have conducted a large scale stakeholder dialogue, looked at benchmarks and trends, and identified Icelandairs positive and negative impacts on all targets and subtargets of the SDGs.

Our responsibility model

Strategic focus areas and key goals

Based on involvement of all functions and business units in Icelandair, we have chosen four Global Goals as our strategic focus areas. The focus areas represent areas where we can create shared value.





Icelandair has set specific targets for several of the focus areas, while a few are still being explored to better understand the current baseline.

More information about the Company's work in regards to Responsibility can be found in the companys annual report.

Annual report 2019

Annual report 2020