Icelandair Group’s steady growth in recent years owes much to the skills and knowledge of the Company’s employees. Their flexibility and dedication have been instrumental in dealing with a constantly evolving business environment. Without their resilience and energy the Company would not have enjoyed the success that it has had. As our business operations have expanded we have added a large number of new employees. Through the team spirit fostered by our corporate culture we have been able to accommodate them successfully, and we will continue to rely on them as we continue to grow.

Icelandair Group has grown at an extremely robust pace in recent years, adding many destinations, carrying many more passengers, adding a number of hotel rooms, and generally growing across all segments. As our business has expanded, so has our staff. The strain caused by our rapid growth and the various natural disasters that have disrupted our services have tested the mettle of our employees. They have responded with initiative and energy, resilience and flexibility, demonstrating their commitment to the Company. We always try to integrate new employees quickly into the Company’s corporate culture. This fosters the team spirit needed to link employees throughout the Company’s different corporate units. We make every effort to bring all our employees from all companies forming the Group, in Iceland and abroad, into our family.

Employees, full time equivalents (FTEs)2017201620152014201320122011201020092008
Icelandair 2,143 1,924 1,678  1,529  1,387 1,236 1,179 981  1,028  1,179 
IGS 779 695 571  544  469 425 386 354  343  435 
Icelandair Cargo 56 58 51  49  49 47 44 37  49  57 
Loftleidir 10 10 11  11  11 11 11 11  10 
Air Iceland Connect 232 224 215  221  230 224 224 225  231  269 
Icelandair Hotels 677 646 568  495  468 384 313 234  218  247 
Iceland Travel 197 176 135  115  95 64 95 76  64  63 
Feria (Vita) 25 23 21 18 19 21 -
Fjávakur - Icelandair Shared Services 127 128 120 115 109 107 95 105  95  97 
Parent Company 17 16 14 12 13 13 13 14  15  15 
Icelandair Group total 4,263 3,900 3,384 3,109 2,850 2,532 2,350 2,028  2,053  2,370 


Icelandair Group Equal Pay Policy

The purpose of the Equal Pay Policy is to ensure gender pay equality in the Company through the implementation of an Equal Pay System. Icelandair Group commits to ensure that equal wages are paid for jobs of equal value, irrespective of gender. Enforcement of the Policy and ensuring full observance of gender equality in decisions on wages is the responsibility of management. The Executive Board of Icelandair Group will annually establish equal pay objectives based on measurements derived from a pay analysis. The Director of People and Culture is responsible for continuous improvement of the Company’s Equal Pay System and for monitoring the Equal Pay Policy. Icelandair Group's Equal Pay Policy is an integral part of the Company’s Human Resource Policy. The Equal Pay Policy is prepared in accordance with Act No. 10/2008 and the Equal Wage Standard IST 85.

Icelandair Group undertakes to:

  • Implement, document and maintain a certified Equal Pay System based on the IST 85 Standard;
  • Observe applicable legal requirements that are in effect at any time and relevant to the Equal Pay System and confirm compliance on an annual basis;
  • Conduct an annual pay analysis to compare jobs of equal value and ascertain whether any difference in wages is measured by gender and take action when necessary;
  • Respond to unexplained gender-based wage differences;
  • Present the Policy annually to all the Company’s employees;
  • Ensure that the Policy is accessible to the public on the Company’s website;
  • Establish and review equal pay objectives annually.

This Policy extends to all employees of Icelandair Group and its subsidiaries.


Icelandair Group uses a recruitment process that is designed to select the people who are best suited for each specific type of job, not only based on professional qualifications, but also based on how we think they will fit into our results-driven corporate culture. Having once acquired top talent, we try to provide the training and development needed to promote our employees to their full potential. By recruiting internally from our own ranks we are able to ensure strong engagement and commitment from our employees. Icelandair Group has always been able to recruit new and well-qualified personnel in Iceland. As one of Iceland’s largest private employers, and with its long and well-known history, the Company has always been seen as a desirable place to work. There is a large local pool of talented and dedicated individuals who are eager to join the Company, and as we grow we are able to offer an ever wider range of jobs for highly trained professionals at competitive salaries in an international working environment. In the summer, during the high tourist season in Iceland, the Company needs to add more than a thousand extra employees. Many are students, who return to work for us year after year; quite a few join us later as full-time employees. By that time they have already acquired knowledge of the Company and our corporate culture. To meet the most recent surge in growth we have also recruited many employees from abroad, mainly for IGS and Icelandair Hotels.

Professional development

At Icelandair Group we take the professional development of our employees very seriously. We want to employ people who find satisfaction in adding to their knowledge, developing their skills and then putting these skills and knowledge to meaningful use in their work. We believe that training and experience make a vital contribution to our employees’ capacity, in addition to innate talent and formal qualifications. We provide our employees with a variety of training opportunities and courses that suit their needs, because we want to make the best use of their talents. We try to provide as much training and as many opportunities as possible within the Company. Our recently launched training centre in Hafnarfjörður, which features a sophisticated flight simulator, has already proved its worth. It brings important training in-house, making it more flexible, more efficient and more cost-effective. We also take particular care to train our staff to maintain rigorous safety and security standards.


At Icelandair Group we try to keep employees well informed of Company affairs. We share information through newsletters and employee meetings, as well as the Company MyWork intranet. With our operations so diverse and dispersed over so many countries, we believe it is essential to maintain engagement and foster team spirit among our employees by keeping them aware of what is going on throughout the Company. In July we introduced Workplace by Facebook in Icelandair Group for use by the employees of the Company and its subsidiaries. Workplace is based on the user interface that just about everyone is familiar with from Facebook, with some convenient additional features designed for corporate use. There were two main reasons for our decision: first, to enhance communications, improve the flow of information and strengthen the dissemination of knowledge within the Group, both within individual companies and divisions and between Icelandair Group companies. Second, Workplace is a performance enhancement tool designed to improve performance and work processes in joint projects within companies and between them. By taking advantage of the most widely used social medium in the world we feel we have found an excellent venue to improve our communications and circulate information. In addition, we regularly hold meetings with employees where they can discuss their ideas and concerns directly with top management, including the CEO. These exchanges serve to build trust between employees and management, which in turn is the basis for achieving optimum results. All of this leads to greater job satisfaction and serves to keep our employees committed and maintain a team spirit within the Company.

Human resources strategy

Icelandair Group seeks to attract talented and qualified recruits who can help the Company meet the challenges of the future. We look for people that fit into the existing corporate culture, with the qualities that have served us so well in the past. We provide them with opportunities for further development and training so that we always have the best person for every job. We try to maintain an attractive, yet challenging and demanding workplace, where our employees can flourish and rise to their highest potential. Our HR strategy emphasises equality and non-discrimination and embraces diversity. We make sure that our employees are given equal opportunities to further their careers, and we make every effort to improve their well-being and make them feel that they are part of a team. We also train our employees in observing safety and security standards and we have in place detailed action plans designed to achieve our goals. We regularly carry out work audit surveys among Icelandair Group employees, where we try to measure various indicators of how well our HR strategy is working. We repeatedly score high in job satisfaction and employee engagement, and in the latest survey, conducted this autumn, these factors showed higher scores than ever before.

Corporate culture

Icelandair Group’s corporate culture is characterised by a strong team spirit, originally fostered in our base in Iceland. Throughout our long history we have served as the main gateway for travellers to Iceland as well as the first choice for Icelanders travelling to the rest of the world. This is a fundamental service, which we still provide and which needs to be carried out as seamlessly as possible. Although the Company is a prominent player in Iceland, it is still small compared to its international competitors. In order to succeed we must therefore rely heavily on the quality of our employees. Flexibility, efficiency, responsiveness, drive and initiative count as our strengths. We are very much aware that every employee is important and every customer valuable. This knowledge underpins our corporate culture and informs our experience as we continue to grow.