Annual General Meeting

Icelandair Group‘s Annual General Meeting 12 March 2021

Electronic Meeting - Live stream from Hilton Reykjavik Nordica - 4.00 pm


  1. The Board of Director‘s report on Icelandair Group‘s operations in 2020
  2. Confirmation of Annual Accounts and decision on the handling of profit or loss for the financial year.
  3. Decision on payments to Board Members
  4. Proposal of the Board of Directors regarding the Remuneration Policy
  5. Report and proposal from the Nomination Committee regarding Board Membership.
  6. Election of Board Members
  7. Election of Auditors
  8. Election of two members of the Nomination Committee
  9. Authorization to purchase Treasury Shares
  10. Other lawfully submitted matters

General Information

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions on public gatherings the Board of Directors has decided that Icelandair Group‘s Annual General Meeting on 12 March 2021 will be held electronically, cf. Article 4.6 of the Company‘s Articles of Association.

Shareholders who intend to participate electronically in the AGM shall register with 5 days notice prior to the meeting. Registration at the meeting takes place here

Shareholders have the right to submit matters and/or draft resolutions to be heard at the meeting if a written or electronic request is made thereof no later than 10 days prior to the meeting, i.e. no later than at 16:00 Tuesday 2 March via e-mail to The final agenda and proposals will be published on Friday 26 February 2021. If shareholders have requested to put items on the agenda or submitted proposed resolutions at any time between 26 February and 2 March 2021, the final agenda and proposals will be updated on the Company’s website no later than three days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

Shareholders who are unable to attend the meeting may submit their vote in writing or provide written permission to a representative who can vote on their behalf. Shareholders who intend to make use these options are

  • Provide written permission to a representative who can vote on their behalf (See document below)
  • Submit their vote before the meeting. If a shareholder wishes to submit a written vote he shall make a request to the Company‘s office by e-mailing

At the meeting, each one ISK in equity grants one vote.

Icelandair Group‘s total number of shares on 18 February 2021 is 28,437,660,653. Each 1 ISK in share is one krona at nominal value.

Further information regarding the Annual General Meeting will be published on this website.

Ballots and other documents will be distributed electronically before meeting.

Further information:

Ari Guðjónsson, General Counsel


Documents in relation to the AGM 2021