Air Iceland Connect

Air Iceland Connect

Operating from Reykjavík Airport in the heart of the country's capital, Air Iceland Connect offers quick and easy access to a wide range of destinations around Iceland, the West Nordic countries, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
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Strong roots in Iceland
Air Iceland Connect has strong roots that extend back to the dawn of aviation in Iceland. The aim of the company's services is to operate an extensive and flexible domestic flight schedule in Iceland and the West Nordic countries. Co-operation with other airlines enables interregional connections, both domestically in Iceland and to Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

New aircraft type introduced in the fleet in 2016
A milestone was passed in the history of Air Iceland Connect when the first Bombardier Q-400 arrived in Iceland in early March 2016.  A total of three Q-400 aircraft will replace the Company's Fokker aircraft. Two Q-200 aircraft that the Company has been using for about a decade will continue in service.  The Bombardier Q-400s are faster than the Fokkers, which will enable flights to farther destinations, such as Aberdeen in Scotland in partnership with Icelandair, and the addition of a new destination in Greenland, Kangerlussuaq, the Company's fifth destination in that country.

Growth of tourism in Iceland stimulates demand
Air Iceland Connect has benefitted from the growth in tourists arrivals in Iceland over the last five years.  Product development has increasingly been focused on foreign tourists, with marketing efforts concentrated on offering a wide variety of day tours and multi-day tours combining domestic and regional flights. This trend is expected to continue.


Árni Gunnarsson is the Managing Director of Air Iceland Connect.