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Fjárvakur - Icelandair Shared Services

Handles the accounting, reporting and salary processing for companies within Icelandair Group.
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Fjárvakur - Icelandair Shared Services offers "one stop" financial services to its customers with flexibility of giving extra support or reducing services quickly when needed.

Icelandair Shared Services offers:

  • Revenue accounting for airlines, such as sales and sales audit, flown revenue and refunds
  • Financial processes such as accounting, management reporting and credit management
  • HR processes such as payroll and related services

Icelandair Shared Services aims to continue process-smoothing and simplification with unit-cost reduction as a main target and to push forward timelines for the publication of financial data, both internal and external, in order to increase the value of financial information within the Group.

María Sólbergsdóttir is the Managing Director of Fjárvakur.