Icelandair Cargo

Icelandair Cargo

Offers air-freight services to and from Iceland by leveraging the strong route network of Icelandair combined with scheduled air cargo flights to and from North America and Europe.
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Emphasis on freight in passenger aircraft holds
Icelandair Cargo emphasis is on freight in passenger aircraft holds, which contributes to Icelandair Group's effiency and profitability.  The introduction of Boeing 767-300 wide-body aircraft in Icelandair's fleet will support this trend and at the same time open new opportunities. In addition Icelandair Cargo has two Boeing 757-200 freighters in it´s service.

Iceland's largest air cargo operator
The market area served by Icelandair Cargo is based on Icelandair´s and Air Iceland's route network.  Extensive collaboration with overland haulage companies in Europe and North America enables services to and from all the principal cities in these market regions.  Icelandair Cargo also co-operates with a number of other air carriers to offer continued flights to more distant markets, including Asia. Sales are mainly handled by Icelandair Cargo staff in Iceland but the company has offices in New York and Liege in Belgium.

A low-asset company
Icelandair Cargo is a low-asset company, leasing aircraft and buying capabilities from other sources. The freighters are registered to Icelandair’s Air Operators Certificate (AOC) and crews are leased from Icelandair. Aircraft maintenance, warehousing, cargo handling and a part of cargo sales are outsourced.


Gunnar Már Sigurfinnsson is the Managing Director of Icelandair Cargo.