Aims to be the preferred airline to and from Iceland and an attractive choice for North Atlantic travel, committed to providing safe and efficient air travel and unique services.

Icelandair has built up an international route network with Iceland, a sparsely populated island in the North Atlantic, as a hub. Instead of viewing the country’s isolation as an obstacle, the company has transformed its geographical location into a business opportunity.

Three different markets served
Icelandair's route network serves three different and independent passenger markets; the Icelandic domestic market, i.e. the FROM market, the tourist market with Iceland as a destination, i.e. the TO-market, and the international market between Europe and North America, i.e. the VIA market.  Serving these three markets enables the Company to offer a higher flight frequency and a greater variety of destinations than the markets to and from Iceland alone would allow.  Of the three markets, the VIA market is the largest and has been the main driving force of the growth of Icelandair's route network in recent years.

Icelandair an Icelandic carrier
Icelandair operates under an Air Operators Certificate issued by the Icelandic Civil Aviation Authority and is as such considered EASA compliant. Icelandair is an Icelandic carrier and has route rights in accordance with this status. Icelandair Technical Services provides maintenance and technical services for the Icelandair fleet, with the majority of the work performed at the Service Centre at Keflavik International Airport.


Bogi Nils Bogason is the President and CEO of Icelandair.