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Björgólfur Jóhannsson is New President and CEO of Icelandair Group

Björgólfur Jóhannsson will become President and CEO of Icelandair Group 15 January 2008. Jón Karl Ólafsson will step down as President and CEO at the same time by an agreement with the board. Gunnlaugur M. Sigmundsson, Chairman of the Board Icelandair Group: “As announced this fall, organizational changes within Icelandair Group are being made. One part of those changes is to create a sepa ...


Icelandair Shifts Focus In North-Atlantic Flights In 2008

Reykjavik 10 December 2007 • Toronto New Destination • Baltimore operation shut down. • Added Capacity to London • Up to 5 daily flights to Copenhagen • Morning departures to the US Icelandair will shift the focus of its North-Atlantic operations next year. Scheduled flights to Toronto will start in May, while Baltimore will be taken out of the network this winter. The morning flights to B ...


Q3 Investor Presentation

Slides from Q3 Investor briefing


Financial Results for Q3 2007

• Net Q3 profit 2007 was ISK 2.1 billion compared to a net profit of ISK 2.6 billion in Q3 2006. • Total revenue for Q3 2007 was ISK 20.0 billion compared to ISK 19.5 billion for Q3 2006, an increase of 3%. • EBITDAR for Q3 2007 was ISK 5.3 billion compared to ISK 5.5 billion for Q3 2006. • EBITDA for Q3 2007 was ISK 3.7 billion compared to ISK 4.4 billion for Q3 2006. • EBIT was ISK 2.8 ...


- Q3 Briefing for investors 14 November 2007

Icelandair Group will publish its results for the 3rd quarter of 2007 and the first 9 months of 2007, after the closing of markets on Tuesday 13 November 2007. Briefing An open presentation for investors, shareholders and analysts will be held Wednesday 14 November at the Hilton Reykjavik Nordica (Conference Room H). Jón Karl Ólafsson the CEO of Icelandair Group will present the Company's ...


The Czech Competition Office approves the Icelandair Group acquisition of Travel Service

The Czech Competition Office has approved the Icelandair Group acquisition of Travel Service unconditionally and the decision is effective from November 5 2007.


- Travel Service will become part of Icelandair Group in Quarter 4, 2007

The operation of the Czech airline Travel Service will become part of Icelandair Group in Q4 of 2007, but not in Q3 as had been announced. Finalizing the agreement took longer than planned, but the delay does not affect the agreement itself. This means that the influence of the inclusion of Travel Service, on the operation of Icelandair Group in 2007, will be less than anticipated. The 2007 t ...


- Date of transaction 26.9.2007

Name: Icelandair Group Date of transaction: 26.9.2007 Buy or Sell: Buy Type of instrument: Equities Number of shares: 4.150.000 Price: 25,9 Primary insider's holdings after the transaction: 19.200.000


- Icelandair Group buys Travel Service, the largest privately owned airline in the Czech Republic

Icelandair Group today signed an agreement with a group of Czech private investors to buy the Czech airline Travel Service, the largest private airline in the Czech Republic. Travel Service operates charter flights to and from Prague and Budapest and also owns and operates the low cost airline Smart Wings. The turnover of Travel Service in 2006 was ISK 18 billion (EUR 190 Million). The comp ...


12 September 2007 - Correction - Published 2007-09-13 11:14:06 CET

Correction: In previoiusly sent articles of association was a wrong date in the enda as well as the name of the Chairman/CEO. See attachement.


12 September 2007

See attachement.


12 September 2007

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