Stock Exchange Releases 2008


Managing Director of SmarLynx

Eugene O' Reilly has been appointed managing director of SmartLynx, an Icelandair Group subsidiary in Latvia. He replaces Garðar Forberg, who has requested a leave of absence for personal reasons, following which he will return to duty within the Group. SmartLynx is an international charter and ACMI airline with headquarters in Riga, Latvia. Eugene has been working within Icelandair Group f ...


Date of Transaction November 26 2008

Auðkenni útgefanda/Trade ticker: ICEAIR Nafn útgefanda/Issuer: Icelandair Group hf Dagsetning tilkynningar/Date of announcement 19. desember 2008 Nafn fjárhagslega tengds aðila sem á viðskipti/Name of related party trading the shares: Urður ehf. Nafn fruminnherja/Name primary insider: Ómar Benediktsson Tengsl fruminnherja við útgefanda/Insider's relation with the issuer: Varaformaður s ...



Today, December 19th 2008, Icebank hf. has announced that the bank has 93.572.562 shares in Icelandair Group hf. which totals 9,36% of totalequity of Icelandair Group hf. Before the transaction the bank had 38.017.006 shares in Icelandair Group. Due to a margin call the bank acquired the shares from the former owners. Attached is the flagging form.


Share Purchase Agreement Regarding Travel Service

Icelandair Group has signed a share purchase agreement with its co-owners of the Czech airline, Travel Service a.s. , in which shareholding of Icelandair Group in Travel Service is reduced from 80% to 66% of total shares. Unimex Group and Roman Vik/GTO who before the agreement owned 20% of the shares of Travel Service will purchase an additional 14% and now hold 34% of the total shares. "W ...


-Presentation Q3 and 9M 2008

Attached is the prensentation of Icelandair Group Financial Results


- Financial Results for third quarter and first 9 months 2008

Icelandair Group results for the third quarter of 2008 The total turnover of the Company was ISK 41.5 billion, increasing by 107% from the corresponding quarter of last year EBITDA was ISK 6.2 billion, as compared to ISK 3.7 billion in the corresponding period of last year EBIT was ISK 5.1 billion, as compared to ISK 2.8 billion in the corresponding period of last year Profit after taxe ...


Loftleidir Icelandic, a subsidiary of Icelandair Group, signs contracts worth 125 million USD

Attached is the press release from Icelandair Group regarding the contracts.


Presentation of Icelandair Group third quarter 2008 results

Icelandair Group will publish its third quarter 2008 results on Tuesday 11 November 2008 after the closing of markets. An open presentation will be held Wednesday 12 November at the Hilton Reykjavik Nordica. The presentation will start at 8:30. Björgólfur Jóhannsson the CEO of Icelandair Group, will present the Company's results and answer questions. The presentation materials will be ava ...


Icelandair Group- a statement regarding the effect of the changes in the financial markets in Iceland.

Upon request from the Icelandic Financial Supervisory Authority to all issuers of securites on the Iceland stock exchange regarding the publishing of a statement about the situation the companies due to the unusual circumstances Icelandair Group wants to state the following: Icelandair Group published on October 12th 2008 the following statement about the company‘s results, operations and f ...


Changes in publishing of Q3 results

Icelandair Group will publish its financial statements for Q3 on Tuesday 11 November instead of Tuesday 18 November as previously announced.


Financial Results First 8 months 2008

Due to extraordinary circumstances in the financial market in Iceland, the board of directors of Icelandair Group has approved to publish the following press release regarding an unaudited financial report and overview of the Group‘s operations for the first 8 months of the year 2008. Icelandair Group financial results for the first 8 months of 2008. • The total turnover of the Group is I ...

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