Stock Exchange Releases 2011


Icelandair Group purchases two Boeing 757 200 aircraft

Icelandair Group has purchased two Boeing 757 200 aircraft which the Group previously had on a long term lease. It was decided to acquire the aircraft from the Lessor due to the favourable purchase price being offered.  The majority of the purchase price was financed with a loan of roughly 24 million USD with the maturity of 6 years.  The two aircr ...


Traffic Data November 2011

Icelandair´s load factor for the month of November is 77% and is 2.8 percentage points higher than last year Icelandair ca ...


Traffic Data October 2011

The number of Icelandair´s passengers in the first 10 months of the year is already 60 thousand higher than for the full year 2010 Icelandair carried 146 thousand passengers in October, an increase of 13% as compared to October last year. The capacity increase in October was 18% and the seat l ...


Date of Transaction 7 November 2011

Attached is a major shareholder announcement from the Iceland Enterprise Fund  


Date of transaction 7 November 2011

Auðkenni útgefanda/Trade ticker: ICEAIR   ...


The Iceland Enterprise Investment Fund is offering for sale a 10% share in Icelandair Group

Announcement from the Iceland Enterprise Investment Fund The Iceland Enterprise Investment Fund has mandated Íslandsbanki’s Securities Brokerage to manage the sale of a 10% share in Icelandair Group. The shares will be offered to professional investors through a pr ...


Presentation of Q3 results - Icelandair Group

Attached is the pressentation of Q3 financial results.


Organic growth continues

Third Quarter 2011 Total turnover was ISK 35.9 billion, up by 15% from the corresponding quarter of last year. ...


Publishing of Q3 2011 results

Icelandair Group will publish its results for the third quarter 2011 on Wednesday 2 November 2011. An open presentation will be held Thursday 3 November at Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura.  The presentation will start at 16:30. Björgólfur Jóhannsson president and CEO of Icelandair Group and Bogi Nils Bogason CFO of Icelandair Group, will present the Company´ ...


Traffic Data September 2011

Icelandair carried 168 thousand passengers in September which is a record passenger number for the month of September and an increase of ...


Icelandair Group completes debt financing with Deutsche Bank

Icelandair Group has negotiated a new loan facility with Deutsche Bank in the amount of USD 18 million. The loan has maturity of seven years and the Bank will hold collateral in two of the company’s aircraft. The loan will be used to refinance other loans that were recently repaid. ...

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